Monday, February 21, 2011

Pain is a painkiller in itself^^)
Y0u might n0t be the perfect guy,,
I might n0t be the perfect girl..
But we are perfect t0gether^^)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

when loneliness creeps in

Indeed l0neliness is the w0rst 0f all illness..
The l0nely s0uls d0nt have any friend..
They cann0t fit in pr0perly..
I feel s0 s0rry f0r being 0ne 0f them..
I understand when 0thers feel ann0yed 
when I hide quietly in the c0rner..
They think I d0nt want t0 mingle..
I think to0 much 0f myself..
They get it all wr0ng..
I wish they w0uld think that "maybe she's l0nely"..
f0r 0nly 0nce..
I'm s0 s0rry f0r n0t being a party animal..
It's just that I'm n0t c0mf0rtable..
But he likes t0 party..
That's the difference between me & him..
I used t0 blame him..
I used t0 think he was carefree..
Or maybe it was simply the fear 0f being cheated again..
These days 'm trying t0 let it g0..
I can't h0ld him captivated in my w0rld..
I'm happy in my 0wn w0rld..
S0 sh0uld he be in his 0wn w0rld..
He'll cheat again if he d0esn't l0ve me..
0nly then will I be able t0 set myself free..
Free 0f these fears & d0ubts..
F0r n0w I'm al0ne in my nest..
The anticipati0n m0unting..
But I guess I'm l0ving it..
I l0ve being l0nely..
But hate t0 realise that I'm al0ne

Friday, February 4, 2011

Running away 0r taking time t0 think seld0m helps^^,

Many people use the cliche "I need s0me time t0 think" t0 av0id unpleasant situati0ns..
I believe that by taking time t0 think s0me pe0ple may end up l0sing what they have by the time they realise what they want & need..
I kn0w at times it take ages t0 realise what y0u really want..what ab0ut the pe0ple wh0 have t0 wait with us???
& as far as l0ve matter is concerned it simply take nan0sec0nds t0 realise what y0u desire..
Taking time t0 think d0esnt really mean that y0u have t0 hurt the 0nes y0u l0ve..
If y0u are n0t sure 0 what y0u want just d0nt give h0pes..
let the butterfly free..^^,

Guess what I see n0w..
Is n0fin but a glimpse 0f ze future..
Maybe its all set t0 warn..
s0 I d0nt get hurt later..
Well I supp0se I sh0uld get used to it..
Or take s0me acti0n while I can..
I ask myself h0w dare she??
Is she right in her place..
0r simply am wr0ng..
What if I d0 like her..
H0w w0uld she feel??
But I cant sto0p l0w t0 make her realise..
T0 make them realise..
Shes hia barely 2 m0nths & ze liberties she takes are simpy amazing..
Ironically shes c0mplaining all ze time..
Why is she still hia th0..
Just F**K 0FF!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

03 february 2011: awes0me day but sad night

Everyday y0u wake up & expect the best but it turns 0ut w0rst..
I guess its time t0 wake up n0w..
n0 m0re dreams n0 m0re h0pe c0z I waited l0ng f0r y0u t0 change..
N0w am breaking the chain..
It hurts t0 h0w even if try hard things d0nt w0rk 0ut..
pe0ple never change I sh0uld have kn0wn that..
All these pr0mises,,it meant n0thing..
I kn0w that I have t0 be str0ng..
S0 that I can lo0k at myself t0m0rr0w..
when y0u asked that questi0n last night..
I lied..
I said "yes so0n en0ugh" but deep inside i said "I'll never leave y0u"

A fairy is lost: The raindr0ps are like fairy whispers t0 me, each ...

A fairy is lost: The raindr0ps are like fairy whispers t0 me, each ...: "The raindr0ps are like fairy whispers t0 me, each rustle in the wind reminds me that a fairy is near..fairies breathe 0f summer, bl0wing wit..."